Mama's Day School LLC -  where little people are important.. ®
Area schools: Black Fox Elementary, Mitchell Neilson Elementary, Hobb GoodElementary and Bellwood Elementary.

We are open Monday-Friday 6am to 5:30pm for FULL TIME CARE..

We accept ages 2 years of age to 5 years of age.

Full child care : )  
Full time rates: $110.00 M-F 


At this time we do not require a registration fee. We are also available for spring break, fall break, winter break etc.. 

We are closed on these holidays: Memorial Day; Independence Day(4th of July); Easter; Labor Day; Christmas and Thanksgiving! 
All children must have up to date shot record on file. 

$10.00 late fee if payment is not received on Monday by 5:30pm. So please be considerate of the time as we are here to care for your child. There are no credits given, NO exceptions. If your child is absent one or more days out of the week, payment is still expected to keep his or her spot. We enforce late fees.

We do not accept government vouchers or personal checks. We accept cash, credit cards, and money orders only. 

At lunch we firmly believe in prayer with the children before we eat. So if this is against your religious views please notify us immediately and we will accommodate your needs for your child. 
                   We also celebrate all holidays!! 
If your child is on a special diet, it is your responsibility to provide your child with their special meals & snacks.  

We do not use pack & plays.
We provide mesh cots for all children.  All children, all ages use cots. 

We do not enforce nap time but do ask your child to remain on a cot and rest. Children are allowed and we request that they bring in something special from home to nap with. However we ask that no other outside toys be brought in.
Some of the things we teach our children  are manners, responsibility, and to love and care for one another. 
This is a dedicated phone line for the daycare only. So if we do not answer you call right away, please leave a message. We do return all calls. 
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